“27 have transcended almost all convenient musical reference and now comfortably occupy a melodic stratosphere of their own." Alternative Press

27 is comprised of sisters Maria Christopher (vocals/guitars) and Terri Christopher (drums), Ayal Naor (baritone guitar/samplers) and Adam McGrath (guitar). Maria and Terri first met in a car on the way back from the hospital...Terri was three days old. Years later, when they were old enough to go to shows together, they went to an underground punk show at an above ground art loft and saw Ayal playing in one of their favorite bands, Spore (Taang Records). Little did they know they would actually play in bands with him someday.

Inspired by the vibrant local music scene, Terri went on to play drums in a number of Boston bands, including Pie, Good Furies, Hello, Attack!, and Phantom Glue.  Along the way, she and Ayal crossed paths and started the band Galveston.  Meanwhile, Maria answered a local ad to join a band looking for a vocalist/guitarist and joined Dirt Merchants which went on to sign with Epic/Sony.  At the same time, Ayal continued to play in heavy, noise, and metal bands such as Luca Brasi and Anodyne. 

Post Galveston and Dirt Merchants, time was on 27’s side as Ayal and Maria were finally free to play together for the first time, having been longtime admirer’s of each other’s prior bands.  When Terri was finally available to join, the band really started to fuse.

In 2014 Adam McGrath (Nomad Stones, Cave In, Clouds) joined. Ayal, Terri and Maria were huge fans of Adam’s playing and invited him to jam.  One jam led to another and happily for the band he decided to join it, while still leading his band Nomad Stones (Brutal Panda Records). Adam’s talents, energy and work ethic have taken 27’s music to a dynamic new level.     

27 has been fortunate to have toured everywhere from Japan to Iceland, all across Europe and the UK, in addition to the US, and has toured with such notable bands as Minus the Bear, Isis, and Cult of Luna.

27 has also been lucky to have landed a number of music placements in indie films as well as primetime TV shows such as Showtime’s “Shameless”, MTV’s “Awkward”, SyFy’s “The Magicians”, and ABC Family’s “The Lying Game”.  

27 is excited to be finishing up a new full length record which is slated to be out mid 2017.